Book an Appointment

To book an appointment phone  Canary Chiropractic Clinic on 01209 901397. The receptionists are there to take your calls on Mondays to Fridays from 8am - 6pm.

Saturday Mornings 8am - 12pm


Our friendly receptionists will ask for your contact details and a brief outline of your symptoms. Following which, they will be able to find you the next available appointment.



Depending on your condition and lifestyle, Stuart will work with you to outline the best course of action to get you moving and feeling better. This would typically be a combination of specific manual therapy techniques, rehabilitative exercise and great advice.

The Consultation

In order to fully understand the cause of your pain, Chiropractors are required to take a comprehensive patient history. This involves several checks and questions about your symptoms, previous medical history and general lifestyle. The second half of the consultation is a physical examination, where orthopaedic tests will help determine which joints, muscles or nerves are affected. Stuart will explain your diagnosis and present the different treatment options available to you. Together, you can discuss the best way to move forward and create a recovery plan that is right for you.


New Patient Consultation and Treatment 

  £ 55 



Re-Attending (1+ year since last treatment)


One to One Rehab


Gait Analysis and Technique Coaching for Running Injuries

£50 for 1st session 

£35 for repeat session if required

Online Chiropractic Consultation

 £30 for a 45 minute session


Online Follow Up Appointment

 £20 for a 20 minute session