Headaches make life more challenging. Whether it is difficulty concentrating, pain when working at a computer screen or sitting in a certain posture. It is important to find out the cause your headache. My job is to find out what type of headache you have and understand the factors contributing to your headache.


When I first see a patient, I go through a thorough case history and examination to rule out any red flags (sinister headaches) and give you a diagnosis as to which type of headache you’ve been experiencing. The initial consultation usually lasts about one hour and is your opportunity to tell me about your headache symptoms, your overall lifestyle and how it has been affecting you.


If it’s a type of headache I can help with, such as a migraine, cervicogenic or a tension headache due to an inability to relax, then I will clearly explain the different treatment options. I can also provide clinical advice about how you can help reduce your own headache symptoms and give you an estimated time frame for recovery. 


As a chiropractor, I have extensive clinical knowledge of rehabilitative exercises, manual therapy and lifestyle awareness, including: sleep, anxiety, stress, nutrition and exercise. We will work together to find the appropriate treatment options for your ongoing care.