My Inspiration

I first discovered Chiropractic care after experiencing an episode of lower back pain while travelling through Australia. I was in a lot of pain and couldn't bend down to put my shoes and socks on. Feeling desperate, I decided to book an appointment with a chiropractor. During the treatments I was impressed with the chiropractor caring attitude, drug free approach and knowledge of the human body. After four visits, my back felt better than it had done for years and I knew I wanted to study an become a chiropractor.

My Education

I researched the best places to study chiropractic and discovered the world leading AECC University College in Bournemouth.  To get the relevant qualifications to gain entry to university I completed an Access to Science course at Truro College for one year, where I graduated with a distinction in 2010. I gained entry to the AECC University College and completed the four year MChiro degree program, graduating in 2014. 

My Work Experience

After graduating from the AECC, I began working in East Sussex at Hastings Chiropractic Clinic. During this time I developed an interest in treating sporting injuries and began working with semi professional football team Hastings United. As well as working at Hastings Chiropractic, I also worked at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic in Eastbourne. In August 2018 I moved to Cornwall and worked from  chiropractic clinics in Penzance and Hayle. In 2020, I decided to open my own chiropractic clinic here at Heartlands in Pool.

Further study and additional training

My passion for learning and staying up to date with the latest research on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Has led me to complete vast array of additional courses and conferences. These include a post graduate certification PGCert from Bournemouth University into Clinical practice. 


CPD List:

Professor Stuart McGill "Building the Ultimate Back"

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS) Clinical Course A

DNS Exercise  for Surfing with the World Surf League Level 1&2

Greg Lehman "Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science"

Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation (FAKTR)

John Reynolds "Dry Needling and Medical Acupuncture"

Dr.Leonard Faye "Motion Palpation"

Dr Patrick Partington Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Clinical Hypnosis

Dr. Brett Winchester "Gait analysis"

James Dunne from Kinetic Revolution "Gait retraining for running injuries"

My Hobbies

When I am not working, I enjoy spending my time at home with my partner Jen and exploring the Cornish country side. I also have a keen passion for surfing, Muay Thai and photography.