A Pain in the Neck


Everyday life is tough when you experience neck pain. Whether it's reversing your car or looking at a computer screen. Pain originating from your neck can have a variety of different causes and symptoms. Getting the right diagnosis is important when it comes to managing neck pain as different neck injuries require different treatment options and advice.



Through a thorough history and physical examination, you will receive an accurate diagnosis. The history taking processes is your opportunity to explain your injury and expectations from treatment. I will ask questions not only about your injury, but about your general lifestyle, previous medical history and wellbeing. Once I know your case, we can discuss your diagnosis, different treatment options, how I can help, how you can help your injury and give you an estimated time frame for recovery. 



Your treatment plan will be personal to you based on your diagnosis, age, profession, hobbies, personal wishes, overall health and fitness levels. Treatment is usually a combination of manual therapy techniques, rehabilitative exercise and advice. To help improve your strength, joint control and mobility as well as reduce your pain.