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Empowering patients to get themselves better

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Online Chiropractic Consultation


Have your condition diagnosed online through a Skype video call with an expert Chiropractor, who will conduct a full patient history and direct you to conduct your own clinical tests in order to assess your condition and prescribe treatment.

Does chiropractic treatment work if you can’t touch the patient?


With the right guidance, most injuries and conditions can be self-treated. Online consultations and treatments empower patients to get themselves better. By expertly directing you to conduct your own clinical tests and observing, your Chiropractor is able to offer an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a targeted rehabilitation and exercise plan - giving you greater control over your own treatment and health goals.

Are there any benefits to managing treatment online?


As treatment is issued via an online app (which is FREE to download onto your mobile phone or computer) it makes it really easy for you to access your daily rehabilitation exercises and follow the demonstration videos. You are also able to record when you have completed your exercises (meaning you are more likely to do them) and provide feedback about your perceived level of pain – all of which improves the rate of recovery and helps your chiropractor accurately monitor and assess your progress.




Online Consultation (40 minutes) - £30

Online Follow-up Appointment (20 minutes) - £20


In-Clinic v’s Online


Online consultations and follow-up appointments are an effective alternative for those with injuries and experiencing pain but can no longer visit the clinic. However, complex clinical tests and Chiropractic treatments requiring equipment or manual therapy will never be able to be recreated online. Therefore, it’s not suitable for all conditions. Please feel free to contact the clinic if you aren’t sure if an Online Consultation and Treatment will be suitable for your condition.


The History of Online Consultations & Treatments

Although online Chiropractic consultations and treatment is still a relatively new concept, it stems from over 20 years of ‘Telehealth’ and ‘Telemedicine’. As the name suggests, ‘tele’ refers to the initial method of communication which was the telephone, and allowed clinicians to advise patients over long distances.


Nowadays, high speed internet connections and web cameras means that the ability to perform thorough assessments and guiding treatments online is extremely viable and highly effective.

Many conditions seen in a clinic can be diagnosed using modern technology and treated with a targeted exercise plan.


All sorts of health care professionals are incorporating online consultations and appointments into their practice, from GPs to psychologists, dieticians – and now Chiropractors!

Some of the benefits for patients are:

  • Empowering patients to self-test get themselves better

  • Convenience and privacy of the appointment taking place in a location of your choice

  • The ability to access a Chiropractor when you’re no longer able to journey to a clinic

  • Saves travel time and fuel costs

  • The ability to see a preferred Chiropractor who is not in your geographical location

  • Flexible clinic hours

  • The ability access Chiropractic care very quickly after an injury

  • Excellent patient satisfaction demonstrated in clinical studies

  • A cost effective alternative to in-clinic assessment