Sports Injury and Performance


When an injury affects your sporting performance or (even worse) stops you participating, it can be frustrating. My job is to help get people back to enjoying the sports they love.


Different sports have their own unique injury profiles and risk factors. Your sport will require specific physical attributes to perform and move well. As a chiropractor, a keen surfer, runner, Thai boxer and general sports fan, I understand human movement, how to improve performance and reduce injury risk. I help figure out which joints need increased mobility and which ones need stabilising to improve movement efficiency and control.

We will go through a thorough case history together to understand the different factors that are influencing your injury. Such as: type of training, warm ups, training volume, sleep quantity, nutrition and recovery periods. Then we will go through a physical examination to evaluate your injury, mobility, strength, movement control and sometimes gait. This helps me devise a personalised rehab plan based on your sport, body type, fitness level, injury and personal goals.