Back Pain and Sciatica

Lower back pain is the most common condition I see in clinic and when you experience it, life becomes a struggle. Simple everyday tasks such as putting your shoes and socks on or doing house work can become difficult. Not all lower back pain is the same and different causes of lower back pain require different advice and treatment approaches. Therefore, it is important you get an accurate diagnosis to ensure you get the right treatment.


For example, back pain with symptoms radiating down into the legs and feet, could be caused by a spinal disc pressing on a nerve in your back. This type of injury is sometimes called "sciatica". Sciatica requires very different advice and treatment to someone who has sprained a joint in their back. 

To make an accurate diagnosis, I carry out a case history and physical examination. During the case history, I carefully listen to your pain story and will ask questions about your injury, general health and lifestyle. This allows me to gain a better understanding about the nature of your injury and the different factors  influencing your healing time.     

The physical examination is a series of different movements and tests to help me identify exactly which nerve, joint or muscle is irritated and contributing to your pain experience. Once I've gathered all the information surrounding your case, we can discuss the different treatment options available to you and put a plan together to get you feeling better.