One-to-One Gait Retraining for Running Injuries

Consistent and injury free training is the key to good performance and achieving your next PB. Which is why it can be incredibly frustrating when sports related injuries start affecting your ability to train.


What’s more, once they flare up they often get aggravated during training and can become a reoccurring problem.


At Canary Chiropractic, we offer one-to-one gait analysis and retraining as a tool to help manage certain types of running injuries, such as:

  • Lower back/gluteal pain

  • Patella femoral pain syndrome

  • ITB friction syndrome

  • Shin splints

  • Achilles tendon problems


All the above injuries can be influenced by your running technique. By using a treadmill and video analysis, we help modify your running technique to redistribute the load going through your joints and muscles.


Not all injuries are caused by faulty running technique. Gait analysis is just one line of enquiry to consider and your Chiropractor has the clinical skills needed to evaluate, diagnose and manage injuries related to the musculoskeletal system no matter what the cause.


Once your specific issue has been evaluated and if it is thought that you would benefit from gait retraining, we would assess your running style using video analysis to highlight areas that could be contributing to your injury and may need to be worked upon.


Following which, we can start coaching to improve your running form for your specific injury. This is not a lone intervention and is usually done in conjunction with targeted rehabilitative exercises, drills and a bespoke training plan for your injury, fitness levels and lifestyle.


The prescribed exercises focus on improving mobility, balance, coordination and aim to strengthen areas of the body that are required for better running performance. Sometimes, manual therapy will also be incorporated to help achieve your goals.

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