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Stay home and get better online.

One of the few positives coming from these uncertain times, is that it’s forced me to adapt my services and offering for those that cannot make it into clinic. Over the past few days, I’ve been researching the ways I can do that and I’m actually very excited by what I’ve found.

I’ve discovered something known in my sector as ‘telehealth’, which is essentially online appointments carried out via video call and treatment supported by prescribed exercise plans which are accessible via a mobile app.

Much to my surprise, there are physio therapist, chiropractors and osteopaths all over the world who have been practising completely online for years.Research also shows there is very little difference in the accurate diagnosis of conditions and there are many positives in that it empowers patients to get themselves better.

You may be thinking “but how can a chiropractor treat patients without touching them?” Complex clinical tests and manual therapy will never be possible online, however, I can direct you over the video call to carryout tests yourself, so that I can observe and diagnose you. What’s more, many conditions are treatable through targeted exercise and rehabilitation plans. The new app that I’ll be incorporating offers video demonstrations of exercises and allows me to plan daily exercises for you to access, complete and measure your pain after each exercise. After a week of doing your exercises, I will be able to access the data collected and check in with you to revise and refine your treatment plan online.

A virtual approach to conducting appointments and managing pain arising from the joints, nerves and muscles won’t suit all of my patients. However, I believe it’s a really useful option in the current climate - particularly for those who are in acute pain, are self isolating and/or are practicing social distancing.

My chiropractic degree program covered a lot of rehabilitation exercise and I always saw this method as another effective tool to get patients better. In my six years of practice, I have spent a lot of time (and money) continuously updating my knowledge by attending CPD (Continual Professional Development) courses, delivered by some of the world’s best, which focus on rehabilitation exercises for various conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. This puts me in a strong position to be able to offer video consultations.

I am also convinced by the science that incorporating the mobile app for all patients that I prescribe exercises, both in person and online, would offer considerable benefits and enhance your overall treatment. Which is why I am offering this service to all of my existing patients for free and in retrospect. If you are an existing patient and are interested in trialling a FREE Online Follow-up Appointment and personalised 1 week exercise plan, please don’t hesitate to email the clinic at

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